2 day horsemanship clinics

Connecting your horse’s mind to your ideas: Producing Precision & Softness

Taught in small groups or pairs giving you time to practice. Mark will work with you 1:1 individually twice each day, for approx 20 mins sessions.
You choose what you want to work on (it can be ground or ridden).
When you are not being taught or practicing “forget your horse just watch and learn” sessions enable you to learn as much of his philosophy that guides his approach as you can.

These 2 day courses will cover skills and philosophy to show:

  • How and why to connect with feel – not just avoid pressure
  • Encourage your horse to search
  • Recognise and manage tension
  • Teach in a way which encourages happier horses
  • Ways to train which leave your horse more balanced, relaxed, focused and comfortable with you
  • Suitable for all riders and horses, including nervous/ green horses and riders

STRICTLY LIMITED TO 10 RIDERS so that everyone gets individual tuition

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