Young horse starting/ problem solving clinic, 23-31 Mar 2018

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About this event:

Created by Equine Ability

Equine Ability, 1671 Lower Piambong Road, Piambong NSW 2850


  • Start your horse under the guidance of Mark Langley

    Mark has started over a thousand horses. He has been non-selective, and these have included horses off the back of a truck which haven’t had any contact with people; 8 year old brumby stallions; brumbies from WA, SA and NSW; arabians; ASH’s; AQH’s; thoroughbreds; warmbloods; andalusians; hafflingers….and more. His experience in-depth knowledge can be passed on to you in these 8 fantastic days.

    This 8 day course will include:

    – Limited to 4 horses
    – Each horse worked twice a day
    – 16 lessons in total
    – Watch 3 other horse starts and learn a terrific amount
    – Day off in the middle – wine tour is included
    -Lunch & dinners included
    – Free camping

    Cover skills and philosophy to show:

    – HOW and WHY to connect with feel – not just avoid pressure;
    – Encourage horse’s to search;
    – Recognise and manage tension;
    – Teach in a way which encourages happier horses;
    – Ways to train which leave your horse more balanced, relaxed, focused and comfortable with you;

    Also suitable for horses who are green or horses you are having problems with that need some serious education.

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Your host : Equine Ability