Horse Education

I have started hundreds of horses and worked with many different breeds & wild horses.
I have learnt to give horses time and respect as they learn.  Each horse gets worked for about 1 hr 20 mins in a lesson,
worked in the arena and out on my property. You will get value for money & know where your money has been spent.

I use methods which work on the guiding of a horse’s focus as oppose to using driving pressure to motivate them.”
Mark Langley

Horses can be started under saddle, re-educated, trained further or put on a basic “horse miles” program.

“Mark is an extremely skilled horseman who generously shares his talent to help horses
relax and build rider confidence. If you are looking for a kind, knowledgeable
and affordable trainer you should contact Mark Langley”  Wendy Fahey


Horse Re-Education 

Horse training under Mark Langley to cater for general all round improvement in
head-carriage, softness, responsiveness, trainability, sale preparation &
ironing out issues as they arise.

$77 lesson (incl GST, agistment & food)
$5.50/day when not in work, paddock agistment only

– charged only for work that has been done

Mark riding a horse

Personal Tuition

Mark can travel throughout NSW to you for a
morning or day and give you 1:1 personal horse tuition
at an affordable price.

Private tuition with Mark on his property $77/ hr

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Horse Starting 

Horses are generally worked with a minimum of 20 lessons

The additional work on a 5 week program will help install your horse’s
training more thoroughly, producing a horse which is more reliable,
grounded and advanced in its responses and performance.

$77 / lesson (incl. GST & feed)
$5.50 / day paddock agistment when not in work

“Hi Mark. You started my mare over a year ago. She has recently had her first 4 outings undersaddle. Every time she has come home with either champion dressage or a broad sash in showing.  She is calm confident and tries very hard. Thank you so much! She is so much fun.
I cant wait to send my next filly to you!” Alex

More information on Mark’s starting program click here

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Horse Miles

  • Ridden out once or twice a day, 5 days a week
  • Wet saddle blankets
  • Exposure to rough terrain, rivers, stock, other horses
  • Head control and responsiveness
  • Programs to suit your horse – lots of trotting or lots of walking

$165.00 per week, incl. GST, food & agistment. Extra food/ special dietary requirements to be supplied by owner.

This program is ideal if you want your horse worked so that it is ready for you to continue on with.
Get your horse fit for summer, in shape for endurance, or just more grounded and steady.

Note that this program allows for Mark to oversee your horse’s progress whilst another trainer does most of the riding.

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More on Horse Starting

Mark Langley starts horses with an emphasis on the following:

  • feet picked up & trimmed or be fully shod
  • ground manners
  • understanding pressure & safe to tie up 
  • trailer loaded
  • ridden in all gaits & OUTSIDE the yards
  • experiencing forest, rivers, rocky & bushy terrain
  • working thoroughly on rein accuracy to gain better control of steering, stopping, backing and body control
  • body & hindquarter control both off its back & from the ground
  • mounting on both sides
  • standing when saddling, before & during mounting
  • opening & shutting gates
  • preparation for rugging (rugs must be supplied)
  • traveling straight with forward focus
  • responsiveness to legs
  • taking a stock whip from its back
  • ridden in rain coat

1) How Mark Langley starts horses:

“I endeavor to produce a soft, calm connection to my seat, reins and legs.”

Programs are tailored according to their individual needs. Mark will not religiously jump on a horse after 2 days – he will wait until he thinks he has the horses trust and understanding. Some horses take longer than others. We would rather take the time to build a firmer foundation than rush a horse through. Your horse’s progress and potential will be discussed with you during this time.

Mark uses methods based mostly from his own experience. He decided to develop practical techniques which were transferable to the average horse rider and stock worker & which have direct application to the horse’s ability to move effectively. The foundation which Mark Langley puts on horses is suitable for any discipline.

Training can be bit-less.

2) Horses are trained out on the property: Each horse that is trained here is ridden out on the property, gaining education and enjoyment from simply being out and about. With rolling grazing country, rugged forests and two rivers, the property provides a great environment for the education of horses. Most horses get ridden out on the property for the majority of their education. That’s good grounding.

3) How long does it take to start a horse?: We take horses for a minimum of 3 weeks to start. This program suits those who are well used to training horses themselves. If they have issues or are particularly nervous of people, & for general riders we recommend and prefer a 4-6 week program which instills their training here even more thoroughly & produces a horse which will be more reliable, grounded and advanced in its responses and performance.

4) Quality time: We take a maximum of 5 horses to be started simultaneously, giving your horse the quality time it deserves.

If you are interested in having Mark Langley start your horse, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any part of the training in more detail.

Directions to Equine Ability Mudgee:

“Valley View”,1671 Lower Piambong Road, Mudgee.
From Mudgee, head out of town 5kms towards Gulgong and take Lower Piambong Road on your left. Follow for about 16kms.  You will go over 2 grids, the 2nd of which is the start of our property. Valley View is clearly sign posted on your left.

From Gulgong, take Lesters Lane approx 12 kms out, on your right. You will come to a t-junction, take the right.  Follow until you go over the 2nd cattle grid, which is the start of our property. Valley View is clearly sign posted on your left.

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