Online Horsemanship Membership

$15.00 incl GST

The membership gives you access to over 120 carefully selected training videos covering ground skills, ridden, problem solving, rein control, long reining, young foal handling, seminars, starting….with new ones added monthly.

  • Over 200+ training videos – new ones added each month
  • Access to ask Mark questions directly – either through his live monthly seminars or through sending a video in of your horse which he then responds too.
  • Member of his Facebook group – join in sharing knowledge and information with like minded people

Mark is passionate about helping people to teach their horses in a way which their horses are really comfortable with; his methods guide & KEEP calm focus and acknowledge how your horse is feeling.

People all around the world love his philosophy and are seeing the changes in their horses.

Just $15/month, and you can join & cancel at any time. No commitment.


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