Mark Langley online horsemanship training videos

This is not a step-by-step method. Every horse is different; and they have to be approached in different ways at different times.
I have an approach to my horsemanship – a guiding approach & philosophy to how I work – which I can teach to you.

if you want to learn about how to connect your horse’s mind to your ideas;

if you want your horse to become softer and calmer;

if you want to learn about gaining calm focus;

if you want to teach through understanding before you move on;

if you want a willing partner;

if you want to connect and guide with feel and release tension;

if you want to understand the principles behind training which promote a happier horse

then this is for you.


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What people are saying

Love the Duchess videos! Really appreciate all that Mark teaches us!


I am finding Mark’s philosophy so refreshing and has made me rethink my whole approach to my horses now.”


I have had my little Brumby since March he has been a bolting nervous wreck...I was at the point of re homing him because of OUR lack of confidence. ...I can't believe how much difference (the online videos) have made - last time I took my boy to team penning he had such a melt down to the point he bit me aggressively - but this week he was a different pony - calm relaxed and I think he even enjoyed chasing a cow...I am so overwhelmed at the change.


I actually rode my QH out..for the first time in 4 years…all it took was 2 groundwork sessions (and a bit of video fest) our connection has grown so much already that I am still in a little disbelief, he actually wants to be with me now…absolutely loving it!!


It’s given me a lot better understanding of my relationship with my horses.


The latest clinic videos are brilliant.


Your videos have helped me tremendously already with my horse…Since watching you I have a much more focused horse....After a couple of months of using your ground work technique to get more connection I just got back on yesterday and today...WOW WOW WOW. She was really understanding....decreased brace by 90%...so thrilled.


Excellent way to reinforce what you learned at one of Marks clinics. I’m finding them sensational.


Your On-line Videos are really helpful, I started with several of the Ground skills ones, and have now diverted to the Starting Duchess series, this is wonderful to "Be the fly" . My "difficult" horse is loving the subtle changes in expectations and attitude I'm making and is not being "grumpy" at all - such a difference!!! I'm delighted with their extra enthusiasm, as most days all six come cantering up and seeing who can get their head in the halter first. They've always been happy to see me, but this feels extra special! The horses are loving the work. Thank you for your sharing your philosophy and skills.


I can’t thank Mark enough for sharing his unbelievable skills with us both through his clinics and online subscription.