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Monthly Seminars: Live on Facebook – send us a request to join the group to jump on live (follow the link here or in your Account) and join in. Date: around 7th each month.
Add your questions to the Facebook Group post when it comes up each month OR the Forum (this is the best way to get your questions answered) – Mark tries to get through these questions in each seminar
It is re-posted in the Videos for you to watch anytime

(Forum: This is currently not available due to website upgrade)

Personalised Tuition: Get individual, specific advise by sending us your video & Mark will address your needs in it. Response time 3-14   days. If the video quality is good enough, you are guaranteed to get help from Mark this way.

Facebook Group: Only accessible by members – join in the discussions and information sharing. Mark often posts in here with short videos & his thoughts too.

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