Video tuition: access Mark’s help no matter where you are in the world

Get help, and your specific questions answered, in a 1:1 PERSONALISED conference with Mark from your home.

This can be Mark talking to you directly about your horsemanship or Mark giving you advice on a video (this is helpful for those not confident with their English)

Fill out the application form below + send Mark a short (10-20 min max) video of your horse and your specific problem area.

We will then contact you to arrange your tuition.

$110 AUD for 60 mins of Mark.  Payments via PayPal/ bank transfer on booking.


You will need Skype or Zoom for a video conference.  If you would rather, a normal phone is fine too.

Apply for tuition here

Ways to send in your video:
1) You can upload your video straight to YouTube and send us the link
2) You can put it on a USB stick and mail it to us. We will send it back if you include a return addressed envelope.

Get Skype here (free)

Get Zoom here (free)