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Get help, specific to what is happening right now, in a 1:1 PERSONALISED conference with Mark from your home.
Good advice is hard to get. Often dominating (kick harder, tie them up, don’t let them get away with it) – n0ne 0f these approaches help educate your horse and they usually lead to more problems down the track, let alone years of misery for horses.
Get Mark’s specific advice through his unique expertise and perception. Learn how you can progress with alternative methods that work.

Please note Mark is now taking bookings for virtual lessons from mid Nov 2021 only.

Option 1) Conference:  Mark will discuss your horsemanship + give advice. You can send through a video first. If you  just want to talk, a normal phone is fine too.

Option 2) Live Virtual lesson:  You will need internet access where you ride/ train + bluetooth headset to hear Mark teach.

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We will then contact you to arrange your tuition.

$110 AUD for 60 mins of Mark.  Payments via PayPal/ card/ bank transfer on booking.

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