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notepaf Mark Langley, based in Mudgee NSW, takes all horses for starting & education as well as running regular 2 and 4 day horsemanship clinics and training his own horses for sale.  Mark has been a professional horse trainer for 12 years, starting hundreds of horses in that time; educating horses and riders using positive instruction & a calm approach. His methods come from a philosophy of “how can I help” rather than any step by step approach, recognizing each horse’s unique needs.  Aiming for true softness, horses that he works show visible improvements in happiness, balance and flow.  He conducts many horsemanship clinics throughout NSW,  QLD & Europe.

Move forward with your horse, through trust & understanding,
under the guidance of Mark Langley. 

“If a horse can learn through trust and understanding,
its spirit will work with you, not against you” Mark Langley


Recent testimonials

“I’ve just come back from a Mark Langley clinic and gone online to book another in a couple of months time. ( it will be my third this year). I can’t wait to learn more of what he teaches. Mark has a unique way of looking at how horses think and I want to know more. I’ve had great results with my horses , and have taken huge leaps forward after each of his clinics. It’s also really great fun as well as an amazing and unique experience. A huge “thank you” Mark.” Sandy Begg, June 2016

Met Mark last weekend & heard about his philosophy behind hooking the horses mind before directing a horse anywhere, went through the steps involved in doing this, one by one (lol) both online & ridden. All seven of us & our horses improved. Proof is in the pudding really….
Aside from that, it was great to work with an Australian, who talked like an Australian, who dressed like an Australian, who understands us Australians. Mark has a likable personality, is easy to communicate with, & while very professional, still has a good dose of larikin.” Merrill, Nov 2015

“Just finished a 2 day clinic with Mark and I am feeling forever great full for the experience and cannot wait to catch up again for another clinic a lot of new approaches to learn and help us be a better team thanks for sharing you.” Melinda, Nov 2016

“I highly recommend Mark Langley of Equine Ability, he has worked with a number of my horses, from youngsters, to restarts, to complete freshly starting under saddle adult horses. Mark is a rare breed of horseman who truly takes the time to teach both horse and rider/handler in a synergistic way to encourage trust and understanding. He is honest, down to earth and lovely to deal with, and I am very pleased with the work he has done with my own horses. Mark trains them in such a way that all the foundations are put there, and in such a way as the horse is soft, responsive and attentive, a pleasure to ride and handle. The insight Mark has given me with guidance and training tips is truly invaluable. His patience with both horse and humans is remarkable and his methods really work. Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Langley of Equine Ability for training and clinics, I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Bianca, Sept 2015

“Thank you Mark for an amazing 2 day clinic you held at the Hunter and for the dedication you have for these beautiful animals and their owners. Madeline and I and even Charlie got so much out of the weekend, and how to help this boy become a more at ease and confident horse, although we know it is a long road with this boy attending your clinic has given us great direction to help him achieve great things. I will be highly recommending your clinics to all my horsey friends and look forward to attending many more of your clinics.” Michelle, May 2015

“Mark has literally saved Blaze’s life. I know how over dramatic that sounds but it’s completely true. Mark is a talented man and to watch him at work was a true privilege. I was astounded and thrilled at  how quickly he had Blaze responding to him and how happy Blaze was to do what was asked of him. The enormity of this, still blows me away. Mark has given Blaze a future and helped me immeasurably by showing me some much needed tools to move forward with my horse. Thank goodness. Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude to Mark. Not only was he exceptionally patient and kind with Blaze but with me also and words can’t express how grateful I am.” Suzanne Jan 2015

“You have totally influenced the way I now interact with my horses.  I feel a much calmer attitude ….My only regret is I didn’t do one of your clinics sooner.”  Belinda, Sept 2014

“I love Mark’s gentle way with horses. He is a true horse man with a genuine love & respect for horses.” Michelle, Oct 2014

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Horsemanship Clinics

Wauchope 14-15 Nov
Oakdale 23-24 Jan
Hunter Valley 6-7 Feb
Mudgee 20-21 Feb
Bangalow 2-3 April

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“I think..Mark’s always try to understand what the horse is communicating instead of judging it as good or bad…makes the whole experience a positive one with creative solutions” Beate, Aug 2014

“I came away excited and inspired from the weekend… with a much better understanding of my horse and lots of gems to help us develop and improve our partnership. Many thanks for so generously sharing your experience and knowledge.” Lisa, Aug 2014


 Watch a short video about Mark’s clinics




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