Horsemanship Clinics

“I highly recommend working with Mark Langley to achieve better, longer term results for both horse and rider regardless of your riding style. Mark’s techniques are not gimmicks, they are the culmination of many years riding, training, questioning and striving to improve his own and the horses’s understanding of what we ask.” (Evelyn)

Mark Langley runs 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 day horsemanship clinics, trail riding riding clinics and young horse starting clinics covering a foundation which promotes softness, rhythm and flow through understanding, feel and focus.

His methods come from a philosophy of “how can I help” rather than any step by step approach, recognizing each horse’s unique needs.

Aiming for true softness, horses that he works show visible improvements in happiness, balance and flow.  He conducts many horsemanship clinics throughout NSW, WA, QLD, VIC, USA & Europe.

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Online Horsemanship

Unlimited access to ALL of Mark’s training videos online. Designed to help you train your own horse and understand how to apply horsemanship as oppose to a step-by-step method. Covering psychology, philosophy, ground skills, ridden, problem solving, long reining, starting, floating, and many more. New videos added monthly. Membership gives you LIFETIME access to fortnightly Q & A sessions – support & help straight from Mark.
Just AUD $15/month. Great value. Great horsemanship.

Create an environment which promotes calmness, confidence & focus.

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Recent testimonials

"I would highly recommend Marks clinics to anyone who may have the opportunity to either participate or fence sit. Having just returned from a 2 day clinic in Newcastle with a couple of friends, Marks philosophy and techniques really struck a chord, more so than anything I have been exposed to before. Mark has an individual approach to each horse, and is both fair and generous with the time he spends with each participant. As someone has said before there is no one size fits all, he looks at each horse and identifies strategies to help that horse and rider. It was amazing how he read our horses, finding their quirks and helping accordingly. I came away with everything and more than I had hoped for. Brilliant."


"I have never witnessed someone as talented with horses as Mark is."


"I recently participated in a clinic with Mark in Perth and it was really wonderful. Truly. I have been to a lot of clinics - Warwick Schiller, Ross Jacobs, Steve Brady, Alycia Burton (amongst others!) but I came away from Mark's clinic with a crucial "missing piece" - the horse's willing acceptance of the training process through connection with the mindful human, and the resulting genuine relaxation. In my experience, a lot of other trainers don't fully achieve this (although they often talk about relaxation, the reality is a lot of the time the horse still feels negatively)."


I can’t thank Mark enough for sharing his unbelievable skills with us both through his clinics and online subscription.


Mark is not just a talented horseman, he is also a talented educator and is able to share his knowledge in a supportive and generous way. Loving my time under his guidance.