"One of Australia's most respected horsemen"

Brad Bishop

"Mark's way with horses and their riders is nothing short of miraculous"

Dr P Donovan (PhD Education)

"The clinic was absolutely mind expanding"

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Calm Connected
Mark Langley Horsemanship

“Connect your horse’s mind to your ideas and your horse will become softer and calmer. I will help you to address your horse’s mental commitment and understanding.  I will help you to see how your horse FEELS about what it is doing and build your horse’s connection to you. Horse’s respond.
You can see they are happier.”

– Mark Langley

I follow many teachers and trainers but you are the one who truly resonates with me.


He has exponentially improved my understanding of horses and training


I feel like Mark has helped me start on a different path where my horse and I can develop a better relationship


Mark is a national treasure. His unique ability to accurately assess the needs of each horse and participant in his clinics is outstanding. He has a unique gift in understanding how horses think and really cares about helping people to achieve their goals through calmness and connection. His sense of humour, use of visualisation to help explain his training techniques and humility make every clinic a safe, supportive, and life changing experience. Can't recommend highly enough.


Mark is like no other clinician I have seen. His empathy, sincerity and willingness to help each and every horse and person reach a better place is incredible!


I am finding Mark’s philosophy so refreshing and has made me rethink my whole approach to my horses now.


I can't believe how much difference (the online videos) have made - this week he was a different pony - calm, relaxed ...I am so overwhelmed at the change


Marks way of teaching was amazing..he really understood and could read what was going on and showed me ways to connect I thought I'd never be able to do. Best weekend EVER!


Mark's ability to identify what each horse and rider needed to work on was frankly amazing. The extent of changes we saw in the horses on the four day clinic literally blew everyone away.


With full explanations of why to do what and when Mark addressed individual needs while guiding everyone with patience and clear instructions. The results for both horses and handlers in two days was nothing short of amazing.


Mark has a unique understanding of how to train horses and their humans to not only connect but to achieve great things. He is a truly gifted teacher with a tremendous insight into the horses mind. Once you have had a glimpse of the horses world through his eyes the way you see them will be forever changed. Highly recommend.


The videos are fantastic!


Mark’s gentleness and compassion for horses and their people shines through. Mark gets me thinking every single time and my beloved mare and I thank him for it.


Thank you so much for running the clinic! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve watched many trainers but your philosophy really resonates with me. I stood on the mounting block yesterday and my red mare, completely at liberty, came over and put herself in the perfect position for mounting. I nearly cried. I really appreciate your teaching and your compassion towards both horse and human.


Mark is a practical and deep thinker. Where other training approaches sounded great but didn't work in reality back at home, Mark's has.


My aha moment was you explaining that she didn't need to be focusing on me (my thought) but learning to control her own emotions. A gamechanger!


Mark, you are a horses lawyer that I can understand. You are helping fill in between the lines of what some great horsemen I know have been talking about. Thank you.


! FINALLY, a mentor who is calm, grounded and kind. A man who wants to help the horse and with the intelligence to look under all the ,”sayings” out there in the horsey world and figure out how the horse actually FEELS about things! A horseman who uses boundaries, clarity and firmness that has nothing to do with blame or violence towards the horse. It’s how you can make a change of thought!


A true horseman in every way


You have created light globe clarity for me and I can’t thank you enough.


I have learned so much from you. Making great progress. Your way resonates with us. Thank you!


Horsemanship Clinics

“I highly recommend working with Mark Langley to achieve better, longer term results for both horse and rider regardless of your riding style. Mark’s techniques are not gimmicks, they are the culmination of many years riding, training, questioning and striving to improve his own and the horses’s understanding of what we ask.” (Evelyn)

Mark Langley runs 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 day horsemanship clinics, trail riding riding clinics and young horse starting clinics covering a foundation which promotes softness, rhythm and flow through understanding, feel and focus.

His methods come from a philosophy of “how can I help” rather than any step by step approach, recognizing each horse’s unique needs.

Aiming for true softness, horses that he works show visible improvements in happiness, balance and flow.  He conducts many horsemanship clinics throughout NSW, WA, QLD, VIC, USA & Europe.

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