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Calm & Connected Horsemanship with Mark Langley

“Connect your horse’s mind to your ideas and your horse will become softer and calmer. I will help you to address your horse’s mental commitment and understanding.  I will help you to see how your horse FEELS about what it is doing
and build your horse’s connection to you.
Horse’s respond.
You can see they are happier.”


Learn from Mark through his clinics & online monthly membership program.  The membership program will provide you with tools, insights and individual support to address problems, understanding and further training from starting horses right through.  Learn how to create an environment which promotes calmness, confidence and focus.  Access videos, webinars, & virtual lessons – all included – and updated monthly.
Affordable. Accessible. Authentic.


Mark Langley runs 2, 4, 6 and 8 day horsemanship clinics, trail riding riding clinics and young horse starting horsemanship workshops/ clinics covering a foundation which promotes softness, rhythm and flow through understanding, feel and focus.  You can learn from Mark through his online membership program; personalised video conferencing, private instruction and through his free newsletters. Based in Mudgee, Australia, he also trains his own bred horses for sale. Mark has been a professional horse trainer for 14 years, starting and training thousands of horses and riders using positive instruction & a calm approach. His methods come from a philosophy of “how can I help” rather than any step by step approach, recognizing each horse’s unique needs.  Aiming for true softness, horses that he works show visible improvements in happiness, balance and flow.  He conducts many horsemanship clinics throughout NSW, WA, QLD & Europe.

“If a horse can learn through trust and understanding,
its spirit will work with you, not
against you” Mark Langley 


Recent testimonials: 

“I challenge anyone out there to follow Mark (go to a clinic, have a private lesson, do a video conference). As an owner of a horse that NOW everyone wants…who before going to Mark had anxiety levels off the scale (bucked, bolted, reared and lie down underneath me!). Thank you Mark…your dedication to horse and rider is second to none.” Kerryn 2017

“Mark’s work is outstanding; I will never forget the day he changed my stallions mind in a 3 hour session just following the rope. Highly recommended. Mark & Jenny make the horse world a better place for people and most important for horses.” Beate 2017


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Horsemanship Clinics

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“I came away from Mark’s clinic with more confidence than ever before, his methodologies simply make sense. I feel I now have the basic tools to move myself and my horse forward in the right direction. After just 1 day, the connection between my horse and myself was stronger. I am now a confident leader who has gained a better understanding of my horse. Thank-you Mark, I look forward to attending many more of you clinics in the future. ” Kim 2017



Online Membership Program

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Access to videos of Mark teaching, training and explaining how he trains horses with a calm connection. Designed to help you train your own horse and understand how to apply horsemanship as oppose to a step-by-step method. Covering psychology, philosophy, ground skills, ridden, problem solving, and seminars. NEW! Lesson by lesson starting Duchess. Monthly membership gives you unlimited access & LIFETIME access to seminars. Just AUD $15/month. Great value. Great horsemanship.

“I’m finding them sensational. Have been watching the Duchess videos and have taken my two horses back to scratch and found many holes in their training.” Megan

“Love the seminars and videos. Having them available 24/7 is great!” Karen

“Love the sub, applying all I am learning…and they are responding beautifully.” Jo

“Love the Duchess videos! Really appreciate all that Mark teaches us!!” Brenda



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