2 day horsemanship clinics

“Thanks to Mark I am a much safer, more confident rider.” Sandy

 2 day horsemanship clinics – find out more

3-4 day clinics

“This was the first time I have seen Mark in person and to witness the change in both horse and rider over the  3 days was absolutely amazing. To be inspired by an amazing horseman is truly refreshing.” Trevor

3 – 4 day horsemanship clinics – find out more

6 day intensive training clinics

“Listening to Mark explain things was so interesting and inspiring. My horse softened for me…he become more responsive…you have totally influenced the way I now interact with my horses.

My only regret is I didn’t do one of your clinics sooner.” Belinda

6 day intensive training clinics – find out more

Young horse start/ Problem Solving 8 day clinics

“I highly recommend working with Mark Langley to achieve better, long term results…regardless of your riding style. Mark’s techniques are not gimmicks, they are the culmination of many years riding, training, questioning and striving to improve his own and the horse’s understanding of what we ask.”

Young Horse Start/ Problem Solving clinics – find out more

As Mark unfortunately can’t get to help all the people and horses who would like him all the time, he created an online training centre. Get help, support, skills and guidance from Mark from your own home today.

Monthly and one off payment options available. Unlimited access to all of Mark’s training videos monthly for just $15.

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