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Mark is not just a talented horseman, he is also a talented educator and is able to share his knowledge in a supportive and generous way. Loving my time under his guidance.


Marks way of teaching was amazing..he really understood and could read what was going on and showed me ways to connect I thought I'd never be able to do. Best weekend EVER!


I’ve been trying to articulate the difference between Mark Langley and other practitioners and I think I’ve finally done it. Mark is kind, he listens, he’s humble and the way he teaches is a subtle feel for each horse and rider rather than a one size fits all formulaic approach. In human terms, it’s like going to university and being taught by a gifted lecturer instead of going to primary school and learning by rote. Thank you so much Mark and Jenny. My little mare and I had a ball. She was like a kid at Disneyland for the first time.


Thanks for a brilliant 2 day clinic in Perth, Mark. I feel I received so much assistance with my young horse and came away with exercises to keep improving both my horsemanship skills and our journey in training. I love the approach you use in your clinics of asking what we've been doing with the horse, looking at what we think our problem is or our goal, then trying to give us exercises or advice on how to go forward. Never ever a one size fits all, everyone and every horse is unique. Different riders have different skill levels. You have a wonderful talent for being able to assess all of this and give us a clear, well explained way forward to improve or achieve goals.Looking forward to your next 2 clinics.  Thanks again!


2 day horsemanship clinics

“Thanks to Mark I am a much safer, more confident rider.” Sandy

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3-4 day clinics

“This was the first time I have seen Mark in person and to witness the change in both horse and rider over the  3 days was absolutely amazing. To be inspired by an amazing horseman is truly refreshing.” Trevor

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6 day intensive training clinics

“Listening to Mark explain things was so interesting and inspiring. My horse softened for me…he become more responsive…you have totally influenced the way I now interact with my horses.

My only regret is I didn’t do one of your clinics sooner.” Belinda

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Young horse start/ Problem Solving 8 day clinics

“I highly recommend working with Mark Langley to achieve better, long term results…regardless of your riding style. Mark’s techniques are not gimmicks, they are the culmination of many years riding, training, questioning and striving to improve his own and the horse’s understanding of what we ask.”

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As Mark unfortunately can’t get to help all the people and horses who would like him all the time, he created an online training centre. Get help, support, skills and guidance from Mark from your own home today.

Monthly and one off payment options available. Unlimited access to all of Mark’s training videos monthly for just $15.

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